A One-off Style Consultation

Up to 1h

After an about 10-minute needs analysis, we would have outlined your sartorial goals and discussed the current struggles.  I'll propose what can be improved immediately, such as, what styles, colours and items in your current wardrobe are your winners. Also, we'll identify whether your wardrobe lacks any essentials that could make a difference without you spending a fortune. 

Advanced Fashionista 

Up to 3h

After an initial basic colour analysis, needs analysis and fashion goal setting, we’ll go through your wardrobe to eliminate any items which waste the precious space in your wardrobe and explain why it is a waste. After that, we will focus on your favourite items, and check whether they are in line with the style you would like to wear and the right shapes and colours. Depending how much time we've got left, we'll spend the rest of it (window) shopping online for those styles that you’d like to incorporate into your new wardrobe going forward. We'll be looking to bring out some items in your old wardrobe to combine with potential new purchases.

There is an option to extend this session by an hour and go to the shops.

Bridal Consultation


In a place of your choice, be it home or a bridal salon, I’ll help you with the choice of your wedding dress and accessories suitable for your body shape, skin complexion, style and preferences.

Example services

Hanna is a professional fashion stylist and makeup artist.

As Customer always comes first for her, she will focus entirely on You in her work. Her goal is to look beyond your current contents of your wardrobe and identify your style. She will consider your needs and preferences, perhaps even help you discover something completely new about Yourself.

Hannah will make You look classy, but not cliché, fabulous but not funny - she will simply help You look and feel Your best. Those 'first impressions' do count and she help you make the most out of them.

Although fashion is her thing, she will be also able to help with makeup and free of charge!

If this is what You want, she will project manage a complete makeover for You. She will be an honest friend who will help you hide Your "imperfections”, but also someone to enjoy Your sartorial journey and successes with.