Do I need a stylist? Can I afford one? I’m not a celebrity...

Let’s debunk the myth that having your own stylist, or consulting one, be it occasionally or regularly, is a luxury these days. It is just another way of looking after yourself and actually costs no more than a visit at the hairdresser’s or having a good facial. In fact, it lets you save money long term as you finally know how to ‘spend less but look more’ by way of learning how to wear a STYLE rather than a bunch of clothes, a STYLE WHICH DEFINES YOU rather than a shop mannequin. Having a STYLE CONSULTATION will add structure to both the way you dress and plan your shopping from now onward.


How do you know you do need a stylist in your life? The answer is - you waste a lot of time and money on clothes that you end up not wearing or you don't feel happy picking clothes from your wardrobe every morning.I can help you with many a sartorial dilemma. Here are some clues that a session with me could be worth considering!

  • You wake up every morning thinking ‘I have nothing to wear!’, but your wardrobe is bursting...

  • You have a lot of clothes in your wardrobe that you like, but aren’t sure how to make them work together.

  • You have a lot of clothes in your wardrobe that you don’t like, but can’t get rid of them because you’re too sentimental or lost in today’s 'fashions', plus you paid money for them!

  • You are concerned about the quality of clothes you buy, especially once you've washed them.

  • You go shopping and come back home with nothing as you find the vast choice in shops too overwhelming. 

  • You would like to finally create the so-called capsule wardrobe everyone is raving about that would let you make 20 outfits out of 10 items of clothing. The new wardrobe would be much more timeless (and economic!) than your current one.

  • You haven’t found your style yet and would like someone to propose a style for you that can adopt and adapt to your likes and needs. It would be a great start of a NEW YOU.

  • You don’t actually know what clothes suit your body shape.

  • You can’t tell what colours and shades suit you to highlight your natural beauty.

  • You’ve just turned 30 /40 / 50 / 60 / 70 etc., and you fancy treating yourself by having your look revamped with a big bang!

  • Perhaps you’re about to start a new job and you want to impress also with a beautiful work wardrobe?

  • Maybe you work from home and meet customers there, and you never know how to dress to feel comfortable while still looking professional and stylish.

  • Perhaps you want someone to have a look at your wardrobe for you and get rid of anything you’re struggling with (she will teach you how to fold your clothes for free!).

  • Perhaps you are a bride to be and need a friendly stylist to help you prepare for the big day and visit some bridal shops with you without feeling offended at your bridezilla's mood swings and fussiness .

  • Or, you have a friend’s wedding coming up and you really don’t want another dress to wear just once. I can help you pick one you’ll be able to recycle. This could be a big saving.

  • Perhaps you and your girl(s) fancy a girl's afternoon over a glass or two of champagne to celebrate something, or as a bonding activity. What a perfect idea to have a stylist come to you and rumble through your clothes for you and maybe shop for some new ones.


There’s really no too big or small sartorial task for me to help with.


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